Energy is central to human life and has greatly contributed to our current level of affluence and modernity. From cars to cell phones, pharmaceuticals to plastics and air conditioning to water heating, energy is part of people's lives more than ever before.

But energy's benefits extend far beyond what people use individually at home, at work and on the road. A range of essential activities - including agriculture, computing, manufacturing, construction, and health and social services - depends on access to modern energy.

Southeast Asia will be the big growth engine in Asia. Southeast Asians, as an Emerging Market, are extensively developing nowadays, and therefore, there is a huge demand to Energy and Power supply. Power Produces, as a Public, Private or Public-Private entities, should play a crucial role in sustaining these developing movements. In particular, the Private Equity Fund resources can be contributed to Power Development Projects and assist Utilities to cope with the existing and prospective demands to Energy & Power within the region.



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In the field of

Power Generation
Water Desalination
Energy Trading

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AESB was established in 2011, base in Kuala Lumpur, to pursue and implement the business expansion strategy of its founders in South Asia Market.

AESB is a sister company of a Group who has globally strong business operation particularly by presence in emerging markets, e.g. Middle East, South & South-East Asia market;

AESB's core business and expertise are in Energy market, i.e. Power & Water production, Energy Trading and Consultancy.

AESB is 'Project Oriented’ where the technical and financial resources required for implementing the Project are provided through internal resources, outsourcing from external business networking or making partnership with other investors/experts depends on the scale and scope of the Project

AESB creatively adapts Sustainable Business Models which ensure not only business success for the company but also benefit of the community, environment and future generations.

 The founders and leaders of AESB are professional engineers and investors with several years of experience in Power Production, Water Desalination, Trading of Energy commodities and Consultancy.

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